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Powering Your Talent

We aim to provide our team with opportunities to grow and reach their full potential.

Our development program is designed to hone our employees' skills while helping them feel engaged, improve their performance, advance their career and provide exceptional service to clients.

Developing our Employees

Our business sectors each have their own specific development strategy to help employees meet market challenges, deal with organizational change and update their skills in an industry that is rapidly evolving.

To ensure our programs and strategies remain effective, we invest heavily in on-site trainers, IT platforms and other training resources.

Employees in certain positions related to sales performance and client experience benefit from job-specific training plans and continuing development. The plan allows new hires to learn the ropes and settle in, while current employees use it to update their knowledge and skills.

Your Own Unique Career Path

At National Bank, employees can advance in the same role, change positions within their sector, or move between teams. The possibilities are various!

Managing your career takes planning. Our employees take charge of their future, with the ongoing support of their managers, by using a range of career advancement resources. The result: over 60% of our job openings are filled through internal hiring.

Senior managers and employees who demonstrate a strong potential for advancement also have access to mentoring opportunities to build their management and leadership skills.

Our human resources management platform regularly features new services and training tools to help our employees establish a personalized development plan.

A Bank of Possibilities

We plan activities throughout the year to keep our 21,000 employees informed about advancement opportunities within the organization.

TN conferences

National Tour Presentations

Our National Tour sessions provide employees with information about their areas of interest in a relaxed setting with lively discussions.
TN_parlons carriere

Let's Talk Career Program

Let's Talk Career activities let employees learn about job opportunities and requirements in different sectors. Sessions include personalized coaching and practical career advice.
TN_une journee dans la vie de

A Day in the Life

Our Day in the Life program lets employees complete a one-day internship with a different team and gauge their interest in the field based on first-hand experience.

Keep Learning Every Day

A career at National Bank is always stimulating and full of new challenges. We want our employees to meet their performance and development objectives, and there is a structure in place to help them get there. We know that our vision, ambitions and strategic goals can only be reached through the contributions of skilled and motivated employees.

What do our employees and candidates think of us? Discover us seamlessly.

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