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Take charge of your career

At National Bank, teams develop in a stimulating and motivating environment: dynamic workplaces, agile mode, collaboration tools, co-development and on-the-job learning are an essential part of our daily work.

Tools for learning

Our culture fosters ongoing development and we’re investing heavily to make sure our employees have the best development tools possible. Virtual libraries and training courses are a great example.

“With the Digital Academy, we want to give people opportunities to learn every day. This online platform offers classes in interpersonal skills, courses on our products and services or training sessions on new technologies or software used. We also offer mentorship and coaching programs. In other words, we want to make ongoing training as accessible as possible, while staying on top of the latest trends in learning.”

Jean-François Dumais, Senior Manager – Talent Practices and Management

A career path that reflects you

Every employee evolves differently depending on their interests and the opportunities offered to them. We believe in autonomy and individual empowerment in learning.

"I joined National Bank in 2005 after graduating from university. I quickly discovered a top employer with corporate values and a focus on the employee experience in its business model.

I've had the chance to further my knowledge and skills and had access to a wide range of training and coaching courses.

If you work hard, your opportunities for moving up in the organization are unlimited."

Nejib Ranni, Regional Vice-President

At the Bank, certain functions and employees that demonstrate strong growth potential can benefit from a mentorship program to optimize their management and leadership skills.

“Pride, passion, a thirst for knowledge, and especially, all the colleagues and leaders I’ve crossed paths with at the Bank since I began here in 2009 have helped me evolve, develop and get out of my comfort zone. I’ve been a leader now for more than four years, and my daily goal is to transmit this passion and pride to my employees and get them to excel every day so that their talent shines. I’m clearly a proud National Bank ambassador!”

Nathalie Chiari, Section Manager

A bank of possibilities

We plan activities throughout the year to keep our 21,000 employees informed about advancement opportunities within the organization.

TN conferences

National Tour presentations

Our National Tour sessions provide employees with information about their areas of interest in a relaxed setting with lively discussions.

TN_parlons carriere

Let’s Talk Career activities

The “Let’s Talk Career” activities let our employees know about career opportunities in different sectors and the core competencies required. They offer personalized support like coaching and practical advice.
TN_une journee dans la vie de

A day in the life of…

Our Day in the Life program lets employees complete a one-day internship with a different team in order to understand the team’s reality and gauge their interest in the field.

Are to ready to excel every day?

A career at National Bank is always stimulating and full of new challenges. We believe that self-development is a key aptitude that makes our employees strong and high-achieving.


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