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Benefits and wellbeing

Wellbeing in our personal and professional lives concerns us all. Every day, we’re committed to ensuring your wellbeing and that’s why we offer many benefits for your wellbeing.

Extremely flexible working conditions = quality of life

Each person can choose their own flexible work model. Get together with your manager to figure out what best suits your needs as well as client and organizational needs.

  • Hybrid work to benefit from both a stimulating workplace at the office and the advantages of working remotely
  • Arrange your work schedule to achieve work-life balance
  • Flexible leave to take when it’s important for you to meet your obligations or take a break

Your financial, physical and mental wellbeing = a priority

We have an offer that keeps up with trends as well as your needs and those of your family.

  • Competitive compensation (salary and bonuses)
  • Employee share ownership plan
  • Customizable group insurance
  • Generous retirement plan
  • Flexible vacation days and leave, as soon as you start
  • Various banking and financial services offered at a discount or free of charge
  • Employee and family assistance program
  • Telemedicine service
  • Daycare (in Montreal, QC)

Growing and following your career path = a must

Our wide variety of development opportunities are a springboard to help you progress in your career. We offer numerous opportunities for advancement!

  • Learning by doing
  • Training
  • Professional support / mentorship
  • Internal career days
  • Discussion forums with leaders
  • Co-development / pairing

Our inclusive and diverse environment = our wealth

We foster inclusion in an environment where each person’s unique qualities, whether visible or invisible, are celebrated and valued.

  • Many initiatives to foster inclusion and diversity involving women, persons with disabilities, indigenous people, racialized people, cultural communities, and the LGBTQ+ communities
  • Development of a diversified succession pool for management positions
  • Accommodation to meet specific needs
  • Policies and practices to ensure equity, the protection of rights and to counter discrimination, harassment, and violence
  • Opportunities to get involved in various employee resource groups

Important: The provisions described in this summary may differ depending on the employee’s position and status. Specific conditions may apply to each program or initiative. The Bank reserves the right to make changes at any time. In the event of discrepancies with the official text of the programs and policies, the provisions of the programs and policies shall prevail.


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