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Information Technology

The traditional banking model is undergoing a radical transformation. That is why we are constantly coming up with new platforms and concepts to support our clients and maintain our top quality banking services. Whether we're improving our infrastructure, equipping our employees with effective work tools or developing interactive solutions, new technology is at the heart of our transformation.

A new world of innovation

Thanks to developments in the FinTech industry, we’re able to offer our clients progressive, innovative solutions. Crowdfunding, digital payments and robo advising are just a few of the leading-edge concepts we’re working with as our unprecedented banking transformation continues. Inspired? We’re looking for self-motivated, experienced candidates to join our team.

Cutting-edge technology

Our goal is to offer clients the most effective financial products and services on the market. Our IT specialists support our market positioning and allow us to stand out from the competition and deliver an outstanding client experience.


We’re looking for experts who can help us:

  • Remain an industry leader
  • Clearly define our positioning strategy in light of the competition and its business model
  • Integrate new platforms into our business intelligence

Pushing the envelope

Big data and DevOps, microservice architecture, infrastructure security, cloud management—there are plenty of challenges to keep our IT experts busy. When it comes to our marketing campaigns, we rely on data modellers, user experience strategists and campaign management experts to bring our vision to life. We offer a stimulating work environment for even the most seasoned technical experts.

Interested in joining our team?

Are you a marketing or IT specialist? Are you a FinTech expert with experience in crowdfunding or business financing? Come be a part of a team that is changing the way people work and help design things from the ground up.

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