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Digital Expertise

As modern technology evolves at a rapid pace, our digital experts are on the frontline. They work in a wide range of areas, including website optimization, digital marketing, web analytics, advertising platforms, SEM, SEO and mobile applications.

Expertise essential to our transformation

A Career in Marketing

We are in the process of carrying out the largest upgrade in our history, working tirelessly to simplify our systems and processes and better adapt them to our clients’ needs. To do so, we rely on a team of experienced digital experts who play a key role in ensuring our large-scale ad campaigns and initiatives are successful. We’re looking for data scientists, mobile developers, and functional and web analysts to join our team and help us reach our goals.

Innovative new projects

Our digital specialists work on a wide range of innovative projects, designing leading edge products that have an immediate impact on the market. Their goal is to develop solutions that are tailored to our clients’ needs and make a concrete difference in their day-to-day banking. Our team managers are dynamic and inspiring, and tuned in to their employees’ needs.

Digital marketing

Some of our ongoing projects:

  • Optimizing our mobile app
  • Developing new features
  • Revamping our websites
  • Transforming the marketing experience

Focusing on development

At National Bank, digital expertise is a key asset that is central to our transformation. We have made major investments in this area to ensure the success of our initiatives. We boast a team of professionals who are at the forefront of our digital transformation and allow us to differentiate our brand in a competitive market. And, because we value their work and commitment so highly, we continue to invest in their professional development by providing them with top-quality training.

Fostering creativity

Open-concept offices to encourage teamwork. An informal work environment. Agile and scrum methodology. An innovation lab. We pull out all the stops to create a work environment that fosters creativity, innovation and partnership, between employees and teams.

Interested in joining our team?

Come share your expertise at National Bank and enjoy an innovative, flexible environment with great benefits and plenty of room to grow.

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